Are you focused on a successful future?

Strategic Planning and Leadership for 2016

Even in the worst economy, leaders in every field emerge victorious.

Success is not based on the conditions of the world, but on the decisions leaders make and the goals that they choose to set and achieve.

Success doesn't just happen. It happens because you predetermine your success, plan, set goals, and make it happen.

Are you focused on a successful future? Well-managed, competitive companies have accepted the leadership challenge of creating an effective strategic plan for their business and sharing it with everyone in the organization. In doing so, they position themselves to respond to opportunities rather than react to market conditions and competitive pressures. Too many business people view weak market conditions or a poor economy as the reason for their lack of success.

Planning the future of your business entails four stages:

  1. Understanding the current condition both inside, as well as outside the company,
  2. Visualizing and identifying the future as you want it to be,
  3. Determining the goals you must achieve and planning their achievement, and
  4. Implementing the plan.

Leaders who take the time to create and communicate a vision, a strategy, and a plan, find that they are able to create a level of motivation and commitment that fuels continuously higher levels of achievement. They are also able to attract highly skilled, motivated, and innovative people and have the ability to propel an otherwise mediocre business into one of power and respect.  Are you ready for another year?

~ Adapted with permission from Executive Strategic Planning Copyright © Resource Associates Corporation – Sorrell Associates

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