Do You Have the Monday Morning Blues?

Maybe it’s the way you sleep – or dream. The body’s internal ‘clock’ runs on a 25-hour day, which can become inconvenient, since the earth runs on a 24-hour day. This inconsistency normally goes unnoticed. But the misalignment catches up with many people on weekends, when their ‘social schedules’ play havoc with their normal sleeping patterns. Nothing is more crucial to surviving Mondays than keeping the body clock on track on weekends.

According to Wilse Webb, a University of Florida psychologist and sleep expert, the natural 25-hour clock makes it easier to stay up later than normal. But if people stay up late on Friday night, sleeping late on Saturday, then stay up later on Saturday night, sleeping until midmorning on Sunday; they’ll wake up with jet lag on Monday.

The cure? Get up as close to the usual weekday time as possible – within an hour or so is fine. If necessary, take a short nap in the midafternoon. But remember, says Webb, never nap after four, and never for more than an hour, or it will cut into the coming night’s sleep.

Also, always sleep with the blinds open, or at least partially open; the morning light resets the body to a 24-hour clock.

Source: The Manager’s Intelligence Report

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