Effective E-Mail Message Tips

Effective e-mail messages begin at the top. Save time and set a good example for your staff by keeping these tips in mind as you type:

Use short, specific, and concise subject lines to help others identify your e-mail message's purpose and importance. They also motivate recipients to read and reply.

Announce routine items without a lot of fluff. Example: Staff meeting on Wednesday, from 8am to 9am.

Send Thank You’s in person. The phrase "Thanks for all your help" screams "mass mailing" and makes your message seem completely impersonal. Make it a point to deliver thanks in person. Your staff will appreciate you taking the time and this will go a long way the next time you ask for help.

Use Confidential in the subject line. Protect privacy by including the word Confidential in the subject line. Otherwise, after multiple replies, the confidentiality may be lost or forgotten.


Source: Sorrell Associates

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