Exceptional Leaders… Are Outrageously Positive

Research has shown that being positive and reacting positively yields better results in every aspect. Exceptional Leaders know that being positive pays big dividends. Moods are contagious.

Some leaders default to what’s wrong. Their first response to new ideas is “no.” They sort for the negatives, i.e. what’s wrong, what’s flawed, what’s missing, and what won’t work. This approach has some value; however, it is valuable only after the positives have been mined, and in the context of consciously playing the devil’s advocate.

In looking for what is right, what could work and what is working, the Exceptional Leader balances out the negative and critical approaches. The ratio should be five or six times positive for one negative.

Thought Provoker

  • How do you initially react – positively or negatively?
  • Are you optimistic and upbeat? Do you know as a leader that others are intensely attuned to your attitude and moods?
  • Do your attitude and moods create a ‘can do’ culture?
  • Do you focus solely or first on the negatives?
  • Do your reactions shut people down, or do you respond in ways that motivate and bring out the best for your employees?
  • How do others respond to your communications? Are they motivated or de-motivated?

Exceptional Leaders know that by being positive, they breed an upbeat, productive and motivated workforce.


~ Copyright protected by author Bruce M. Anderson. Reprinted with permission from Thinking Partners Inc.

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