Exceptional Leaders…Foster Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is someone who is motivated, finds personal worth in his or her work and is committed to the accomplishment of goals. They consider their contribution to the organization as essential to achieving organizational goals. Exceptional leaders know that effective leadership is the key to developing and maintaining employee engagement.

Typically, 50% of employees are engaged, 30% not engaged and 20% disengaged. Research and common sense say that companies with more employees engaged are more successful, have higher productivity, have better customer relations, and have a more positive organizational culture.

Thought Provoker

  • Are your employees enthusiastic about what they do, or are they resigned, going through the motions or acting powerless
  • Do your employees have all of the training and resources needed to do their jobs effectively?
  • Do you clearly communicate what's expected of employees, what the company vision and values are, and how the company defines success?
  • Do you, as a leader, project enthusiasm and tell employees how they personally play a vital role in the company's future success?
  • Do you know your employees, especially their goals, their stressors, what excites them, and how they each define success?

Exceptional leaders know that they must promote employee enthusiasm about their jobs and the organization.


Source: Copyright protected by author Bruce M. Anderson. Reprinted with permission. Thinking Partners Inc.

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