Going for Excellence

When you have your own act together and get along well with others, you’re ready to reach for excellence.

From our earliest days, we are taught that excellence is snazzy, glossy and bigger than life. It’s that three seconds of glory, not the constant training workouts. But that’s just false. Most people think excellence in business is sitting at a big desk and making power decisions, but true excellence is really the years beforehand making little and big right decisions and learning from mistakes when things go wrong.

No one can excel in everything. In fact, excellence in any one little thing is hard enough. And don’t forget: It’s easy to become selfish when you go for the gold. The graveyards of the world are loaded with people who lost it all at the same time they thought they were winning it all.

Know what motivates you and prove to yourself that this motivation is honest and worthwhile. Stay focused. Keep dreaming, but don’t daydream: Look at success firsthand so that you know how it works and what it costs to achieve.

One way to maintain your motivation is to not allow people’s opinions about you sidetrack you. Just be yourself, and you’ll be much happier.

Inside yourself, have a clear understanding of where you want to go and confidence in your ability to get there to challenge what people say about you. Challenge the praise as well as the criticism. You have to listen to what your boss says about you. You also have to listen to what your husband or wife may say about you. Same goes for your father or mother, your biggest customer or your biggest contributor. But don’t over-listen. Listen with balance.

The boss may pat you on the back because you deserve it. Or, the boss may pat you on the back because he’s in a good mood. Your wife may tell you that you are lacking as a father, when it just could be that she’s still sore about little Timmy spooning honey into the CD player while you were golfing.

Success: It’s not the neon lights and the publicity. More often, it’s the small steps to make you stronger and to keep you well, measured against simple goals.


~ Source: By Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy’s International

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