Identifying Employees to Promote

As much as you may enjoy promoting deserving employees into positions of management, proceed with care. Some stellar worker bees won’t make good supervisors. What’s more, they may prefer to remain in their current roles. Look for these five characteristics in those you want to promote:

Motivation. Ideally, you want to assemble a team of self-directed managers who are driven to succeed. If they express a desire to embrace new challenges—such as managing people—that’s a positive sign. And if they’re eager to excel, they probably can inspire a team to excel, too.

Conflict management. Promote those who demonstrate leadership in the face of conflict. The best managers grapple with conflicts without flinching. They realize that their success depends on doing what’s right, not just making friends with their staffs.

Independence. You want outspoken leaders who are willing to buck conventional wisdom and challenge "the way things are always done around here." A spineless "yes" person who marches in lock-step with the top brass will make a poor leader.

Ability. Managers need to master a toolbox full of skills such as time management, interpersonal communication and delegation. Promote those who show they already possess these strengths.

Respect. Managers must command their teams’ respect. Do other workers look up to this person? If not, set your sights on someone else.


Source: Adapted from Emory Mulling, writing in Atlanta Business Chronicle, American City Business Journals Inc., 1801 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA

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