Life in the Fast Lane

A fast company:

Competes on ideas. For example, the company may release products on the Web before completion, thereby being first to market and engaging early users as co-creators.

Competes on teamwork. The whole company must be built around it.

Competes on knowledge and learning. Learning should be an everyday occurrence – part of how business is done.

Competes on values-based leadership. Retired head of Perot Systems in Dallas, Mort Meyerson, defines leadership as “making sure the company knows and embodies what it stands for; recruiting, hiring, and developing the best talent; creating an environment where employees can do their best work; and being accessible to the whole organization for both business and personal issues.”

Implements like crazy. An organization has to be relentless in coming up with new ideas and putting them into practice quickly.

Has a clearly defined vision and mission. The entire organization must know and embrace where the company is going and how it is going to get there. These actions must create excitement and enthusiasm among all co-workers and founders.


~ Adapted from “Is Your Company Fast?”

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