Making the Most of Meetings

Meetings can be very effective for maximizing time, or they can be tremendous time wasters! More than 11 million business meetings take place each day in the U.S. and many, as you know, either go longer than necessary or are not needed at all. 

If you are in charge of a meeting, here are some ways to make it more productive for all involved:

  1. Always have a written agenda with copies for all attendees.
  2. Spend time in preparation.
  3. Define and write up topics to be discussed and distribute your notes a day before the meeting, along with a short memo asking others to come along prepared with discussions and solutions. Clearly identify the meeting’s purpose and objectives.
  4. Set a time limit and stick to it. Also, start promptly.
  5. A good follow-up tool is to have someone take notes during the meeting with the details of who is going to do what, by when. A summary of the meeting and future action to be taken should be submitted to all who attended.
  6. Make summarizing statements throughout the meeting, (anyone can do it!).

When appropriate, consider alternatives such as memos, written reports, etc.


Source: Arnie Rintzler, AWR

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