Qualities of A Sales Professional

Studies have shown that outstanding salespeople share certain traits, whether they run their own business or work for someone else.

According to Jim Cathcart, well-known speaker and author of Relationship Selling: The Key to Getting and Keeping Customers, whether people are professionals isn't determined by the business they are in, but by the way they are in business.

Sales professionals:

  • Are committed to the success of their clients' businesses, as well as their own.

  • Have clearly stated business and life goals.

  • Take time to educate themselves, and are always open to learning how to improve their sales skills.

  • Spend spare time in sales-related activities, whether within their industry or contributing to other entrepreneurs.

  • Take personal responsibility for both their successes and failures, rather than blaming others for any setbacks.

  • Keep track of their progress, including accurate records of conversations with clients and appropriate follow-up times, as well as their level of activity during each step of the sales process.

  • Are determined and persistent, and don't let anything discourage or slow them down.

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