Roadblocks to Success

Here are some career mind-barriers found especially among new entrants to the workforce, from News from Kaplan, a fact sheet published by Simon & Schuster:

  • Waiting to be discovered. Instead of making contacts, such people think they will be magically rewarded with fame and riches.
  • Impostor belief. Some people feel they’re not really qualified to do the kind of work their employers want them to do. They’re afraid of being exposed as incompetent.
  • I shouldn’t get paid for what I do: It’s easy for me. This belief usually crops up among people who are talented and love their work.
  • Fear of failure. New workforce entrants often fear they won’t be hired or will end up penniless.
  • Fear of success. Some people are afraid of doing well because they can’t imagine being recognized as an expert in their fields. They may even think that fame and fortune will hurt them in some way. They may think that family and friends will like them better if they stay “small.”



Source:  Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected.

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