Selling New Ideas

Do you sometimes feel that you have lots of good ideas that will benefit your customers, but you have a hard time getting new ideas and approaches accepted? Changing a customer's mind and getting them to accept new ideas can be a great challenge.

Try these approaches to get their attention:

Provide solutions to your customer's toughest problems and then tailor your new ideas to the customer's special needs. By solving their toughest problems, they'll be more open to your new ideas.

Appeal to the customer's personal needs. Tailor your ideas to their personality. Provide specific information, it is far more convincing than general information. Examples and case histories generally have more impact than statistical data.

Make sure you present your new ideas in a friendly, down-to-earth way. Do not talk down to your customers. By using phases such as "You probably don't realize" or "You probably haven't thought of" you will put your customers on the defensive.

Reinforce a new idea with hard facts and figures that relate to the potential benefits to be derived if the idea is converted into action.

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