Six Secrets to Creating Leadership Momentum

No matter where you are in your career, taking the leadership role in your organization is a given. Here is the lesson about creating leadership momentum. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

True leadership begins through valuing others. In working with many law firms, major corporations and associations, everyone plays a leadership role, from the receptionist all the way through the organization to the top dog.

Does everyone on your team consider themselves a leader? Why not? What can you do to help others see their role?

Keep this LEADER acronym in mind as you lead your team, your personal life, and more importantly, yourself!

L – Listen.

You cannot hear anyone’s message if you are talking to yourself. Stop the mental terrorism and self-chatter and say to yourself, ‘My mind will not wander, I will give this person the respect they deserve.’ Do you want respect when speaking to others? You get what you give.

E – Educator.

Knowledge Management is a hot topic. You can only turn the tactic knowledge (process and data) into explicit knowledge (application and wisdom) through positive communications. Knowledge is power to some people and they are not willing to share. These people and ultimately their companies are, simply put – doomed.

A – Adaptability.

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape. Adapting to change is critical. The old theory of managing by fear is long gone. Boomers, Generation X and the Millenniums (Gen. Y) must be adapted to!

D – Delegate.

Excellence in leadership is created by releasing your authority and responsibility through delegation. Fear? Sure! Give them the objective, hear it in their words (eliminate ‘Do you Understand’? and replace with ‘I want to make sure I explained it well, could you please play it back in your own terms.’) Most importantly, let them try it their way.

E – Empathetic.

Communicate with the intention of the other person in mind. Leaders can become ego-centered and power hungry. Remember, it’s about them not you. Record yourself. Listen to the intent of the conversation. Is it about you or them? (Then erase the tape!)

R – Role model.

They watch every move you make, every sentence you speak. Want to motivate your group? You must work at creating a positive environment. Too touchy-feely for you? Tough. It is what works. Have fun, speak positively, stay focused and your team will follow.

What part of this acronym do you need to polish? The real secret to leadership momentum is understanding what you can do better. You are not going to change others - just yourself!

~ By Marsha Petrie Sue

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