Something Is Holding Me Back Professionally. How Can A Coach Help?

The best coaching “answer” is a question. A good coach asks questions to help you do, be and give your best with the right intention. Consider the following “self-coaching” questions. Maybe it’s time to hire a coach.

How are you driven by what might be possible? What do you really want? What risks are you avoiding? How much of your life is compared to what others expect? What truth lies in others’ perceptions? How do you know? What are you willing to learn or unlearn? If money was not an issue, to what one thing would you dedicate yourself? How would your life be different if you pursued just one important “dream deferred”? What’s stopping you? What if you don’t pursue your dreams? What is important?

Four potential ‘beings’ exist in all of us. We can be Explorers, searching who we are for who we can become. We can be Sophisticates, fooling ourselves into believing we have all the answers. We can be Prisoners, living to the expectations of others and not our own. We can be Vacationers – anything we’re doing beats taking a risk. Listen to the questions you may be asking yourself. What could you explore today that might take you to the edge of your potential?



Source: Copyright protected worldwide. Mark Sturgell, CBC Performance Development Network

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