Start Out On the Right Foot with New Hires

Companies spend a lot of money recruiting and hiring new employees, only to forget about them when they start.

Here is how to start off correctly with your new hires:

  • Inform everyone of when the new hire will start working, and ask him or her to make a special effort to make that person feel as though they made the right decision coming to work here. Make them feel a part of the team.

  • Introduce the new hire to each employee with pride and excitement during your group meeting.

  • Create a buddy program. Pair the new hire with an employee who has a great attitude and respect for the company. Have the employee be their mentor for the next couple of months and to observe how the new hire is coming along. The buddy should meet with the new hire weekly to find out if they have any questions about the job, or need help with their job, or to find out if it is what the new hire was expecting.

  • Throw a welcome party. During the new hires first week have a little get together with coffee and doughnuts. This can make a lasting impression. Don't throw a party for employees that are leaving.


~ Source:  Sorrell Associates

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