Success …

Success comes from making many mistakes and learning from each experience. The most successful people in the world are the ones that are willing to take the most chances and make the most mistakes. Mistakes are the only way that we can advance.

The biggest obstacle for most people that don't achieve their goals or use their full potential is that they are afraid to make mistakes. Yes, afraid to make mistakes, and mistakes are the biggest factor in being successful - as you can see, most people sabotage themselves.

The key for people that fear making mistakes because they believe it will make them a failure is to realize that the fear of mistakes costs them a fortune - it holds them back from being a success.


Solution: See mistakes as progress and an opportunity to learn. Mistakes are critical to ensure success.

­What mistakes are you afraid of making?

­What is this costing you?

­What are 3 action steps that you can take today?

­What is the worst that could happen? Best?


~ Source: Kevin-Lawrence 

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