Ten Tips for Leaders

1. Get the right people. Motivation is primarily in the selection. Find people who are both capable and motivated to achieve the goals you help set for them.

2. Explain what you're doing and why. Your people must understand how everything you ask of them contributes to the overall goal.

3. Accept mistakes. When you climb mountains, falling is a possibility. Teach your people that whether they are successful or not, they should be proud of having made the effort.

4. Solicit criticism. In life, successful people are not reluctant to be criticized. Be willing to take the blame for mistakes and to learn from them.

5. Treat people fairly, but differently. Dedicate yourself to discovering what makes each member of your team tick. People tell you how to motivate them; it's up to you whether you will hear what they are saying.

6. Let people be selfish. With enough selfish people you can accomplish a lot. Learn to focus your people's self-interest toward team goals and your team will achieve beyond your expectations.

7. Be decisive. If you have to make a decision, don't hem and haw. Do it and don't stew over it. As the leader you are expected to act like one. Making a poor decision is often better than making no decision at all.

8. Recognize individuals for their contributions. If you show that every member of the staff is important to the team's success, others will believe it too.

9. Establish a tradition. When you create a system that works, people gain faith in the system and in your leadership. Even when you're not present, your leadership carries over in the precedent that you've established.

10. Lead by example. Leadership is in the day-to-day things you do correctly. The example you set is much more important than any speech you give.

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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