The Cost of Lost Time

If employees could be more productive for just one half-hour per day, the savings in lost time is amazing. Consider increasing productivity by: teamwork, better communication, better work styles, taking action quickly, resolving problems or being accountable. If 10 employees were earning $28.00 per hour, you would gain $36,960 per year, if the employee actually decreased their non-productive time by one half-hour per day.

How can you increase employee productivity for 30 minutes per day? Take a look at employee competencies within your organization. What skills contribute to productivity? What systems contribute? What hinders productivity?

Common things we see when working with organizations are:

  • Slow problem solving or decision making
  • Poor time management
  • Resistance to change
  • Lack of quality centered planning and executing
  • Poor communication skills

Collecting feedback on your employees can improve effectiveness and productivity. The first step is to formally assess each employee to identify areas of strengths and development to help you focus on helping them become more productive.

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