Three Key Roles in Team Leadership

Leadership roles involve many skills, from being a good compromiser to functioning as the group conscience by keeping discussion moving toward the common goal.

At your next meeting, try one or more of these techniques:

  1. Be a catalyst - Jolt the group's creativity by asking probing questions. Prod reserved participants and get them involved in the issues.
  2. Be a gatekeeper - Get the ball rolling and move the group off dead center with techniques such as questioning, repetition or reflection. Learn to recognize when the group is ready to move on to another point.
  3. Be a harmonizer - This involves more than being the peacemaker who keeps the meeting friction-free. It also means recognizing points of agreement and encouraging supporting statements from different participants.

~ Martin M. Broadwell with Carol Broadwell Dietrich, The New Supervisor: How to Thrive in Your First Year as a Manager, Addison-Wesley, 1 Jacob Way, Reading, MA 01867

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