What Are You Tolerating?

Do You Need a Coach?

A coach asks questions that inspire the client to evaluate, define, and act. One very important question is: What are you tolerating? Or what’s draining you?

Every action you take uses energy. The things you are tolerating are the actions you’re not taking. What we tolerate uses energy that could be spent on more positive things.

What are you tolerating? To make your list, identify your tolerances in the following areas:  relationships, physical environment, well-being and money. Here are some common issues that my clients have brought up:


…I am in a relationship that does not satisfy me

…I dread running into a particular person, because we have unfinished business

…I don’t have a best friend to talk to

…I don’t have a social life

Physical Environment:

… My car needs to be repaired

… My house is in constant disarray

… My closets are cluttered

… My clothes are outdated


… I don’t like the way I look

… I can’t find the time to exercise regularly

… I’m always in a hurry and can’t seem to eat a balanced diet

… I don’t get enough sleep


… I can’t seem to be able to pay my bills on time

… I’m in debt and don’t have a savings account

… The lifestyle I live is beyond my means

… I don’t have adequate insurance

Identifying your list of tolerances is the first step in taking back the energy that’s getting drained and using it for what serves you.


Success Tip –

Commit to eliminating at least one tolerance per week. You will immediately feel the energy rushing back into its proper place to inspire you to move forward!



Source ~ Tricia Neves, Coach, Balance Resources

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